Memory Worship for those with & without dementia

During refreshment and social time, we hope that workers from Dementia Community Support, Memory Clinics, Alzheimer’s Society, and others will join us to provide a free and safe opportunity for carers to share experiences and receive support. Craft and other activities enable creative skills to be retained and even new ones learned. Memory Worship will be held monthly, on the 3rd Monday afternoon of the month, using a consistent and trained group of volunteers.

2019 16th Sept God promises to walk with us 21st Oct God promises to provide for us 18th Nov God promises to always remember 16th Dec God promises to be with us 2020 20th Jan God promises friendship 17th Feb God promises to keep his promises 16th Mar God promises to accept us just as we are 20th April God promises to forgive us 18th May God promises to comfort us 15th June God promises to give us strength 20th July God promises to hear our prayers 17th Aug God promises us joy

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